Welcome to the Stephen Rhodes website.
Stephen has been producing inspirational and
relaxing music for many years releasing his first
commercially available album in 1992.
Stephen also releases music under the pseudonym
of Sorrell.
Stephen has released music through New World Music , G.A.P. Music and Pauline Books and Media.
His music has always generated international interest, regularly getting airplay on radio
and television stations around the world.
There have been many popular magazine reviews of Stephens music which you can read
on this website.
Evocative    Inspirational           Relaxing                Music
All albums are available from the suppliers listed on the contacts page. Compilation albums however, may require some research. Nearly all of these titles are also available as downloads from all major companies, i-tunes, Amazon, HMV to name but a few. Some of the albums have two covers, this is because they have been marketed and released by two companies, but the music remains identical.
Stephen Rhodes Music.co.uk
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This music is used widely in many fields    including: Yoga, Reiki, Aromotherapy,        Reflexology, to name but a few.     It is also popular for pure listening                       pleasure.
One of the strengths of Stephen’s music is its strong and accessible melodies, a quality that can sadly be lacking in some music of this type. Samples of each album are available on this site.
New Album
Take a look at my YouTube channel for a selection of music and inspirational slideshows to unwind and relax the mind and spirit.