Faeries and Dreams
Let Stephen Rhodes take you on a musical voyage through an enchanted and magical place... Travel through idyllic landscapes and encounter the wise and wonderful inhabitants of the Faery Realm. Stephen’s gentle, undulating melodies flow with a calming pace and dream-like quality. Faeries and Dreams is a journey that will heighten self-awareness and help put the troubles and worries of our world back into perspective.
“I got my inspiration for this work from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. It inspired a magical kingdom of mystical life, an enchanted landscape of many forms all with its own inherent equilibrium. The music describes wide open spaces, enchanted woods, deep valleys and spectacular views, all woven into a consistent tapestry of musical tone, each track having its own distinct identity within the context of the album.”
Track Listing:
1. Soothing Dreams                3:32 2. Faery Blessings                  6:43 3. Faery Isle                            9:14 4. Faery Mist                           6:16 5. Dancing Faeries                  6:20 6. Wand of Trust                      6:49 7. Peace                                  6:52 8. Wisdom                               7:49 9. Bluebell Wood                     7:00
Total Running:  60:53