This new experience from Stephen Rhodes collects your whole being, your very soul, compelling you to enjoin and be a part of the spiritual love of our universe, the creative inspiring love of the heavens. You will be transported through inner doorways to pure realms of beauty, spiritual upliftment and peace.
“This was created not long after ‘Music for Healing’/ ‘Enchantment’. The idea was to continue where I left off, as the inspiration for this idea was, and still is, such a fertile area for my creative spirit. ‘Waters Edge’ is exactly what it states, I pictured myself looking across a calm lake in a large landscaped garden, the suns rays gently reflecting and glistening in the waters surface. ‘New Hope’ is a positive theme of renewed optimism about the future, not only of the garden but the spirits within. In ‘Skyscene’ the sound pallette is distinctly rich and grand. This paints the sky from horizon to horizon in its rich array of textures, colours and life.”
Track Listing:
1. Waters Edge                     7:07 2. Sadness                            7:56 3. Reminiscence                   9:20 4. Moments                           9:01 5. New Hope                         8:16 6. Skyscene                          5:53 7. Moonrise                           1:50
Total Running: 49:23