New Images
New Images is the long awaited, much anticipated sequel to Images (Perfume), the original highly- acclaimed album of relaxing and inspirational music  by Stephen Rhodes. Created as a direct follow on from Images, this new album again creates an ambience of peace, an air of tranquillity, a world of enchantment. This music transports you from the stresses and worries of our world, deep into an eden of perfect peace. The music will refresh and cleanse you, leaving you feeling renewed and at one with the spirit. Delicately written and gently arranged, this serene and sensitive musical experience will deliver you into a world of peace and upliftment.
Track Listing:
1. Skybird                             11:25 2. String Deep                      11:25 3. Still Waters                         5:03 4. Flute Romance                   8:34 5. The Mists of Time               9:38 6. Loves Eternity                    9:35
Total Running:  55:40
“This album was created in the same style and as a sequel to Images (Perfume). The same instruments and sounds are used with similar effect to complement the original album. I took the inspiration for this album mainly from reminising over long summer afternoons spent sitting in a field of long grass and wild flowers on a hillside in a local nature spot. I would sit and listen to the beautiful song of ground nesting birds hovering overhead on the warm updraught of a gentle summer breeze. (Hence the first track ‘Skybird’). The music is silky smooth and is not piano based as many of my other albums are. All the tracks are individual works with their own musical theme, with a common bond of style and pace throughout the album.” You will notice that this abum has also been re-released by GAP Music and therefore has a different album sleeve when obtained from this publisher.