Inner Sanctuary
Peaceful and calming, these compositions call to the deepest reaches of our being, awakening a sense of perspective and allowing the listener to re-establish the link with the peace often buried deep within oneself. This evocative music with its real melodies, performed on piano and orchestra, will calm inspire the spirit, warm and soothe the mind.
“Inspiration for this album was achieved through quiet soulful meditation. Once I had reached the right level, the music would start to flow. I would continue to return to this state for many hours in order to complete the picture necessary for the album. I was also inspired by nature, taking long walks in local parks, all to encourage that deep sense of natural harmony present within us all.”
Track Listing:
1. Dawn Chorus                   7:37 2. Tenderness                      6:20 3. Faithful Guardian             9:46 4. Aurora                              8:04 5. Perpetual Dreaming         6:20 6. Celestial Spirits                8:10 7. Inner Sanctuary               7:34 8. Enigma                            9:30
Total Running  63:21