The Lost Garden
Imagine a walled garden left undisturbed for generations. Waiting to be discovered, it holds many secrets, stories, feelings and echoes of a bygone age. But now you’ve discovered it, let the garden embrace you and reveal to you its secrets. This music of utter tranquillity and peace will guide you through the garden, drawing on your innermost emotions. Feel the love, sweetness, innocence and at times sadness of this forgotten eden.
Track Listing:
1. Discovery                         12:23 2. Voices from the Past        10:45 3. Air of Tenderness               1:58 4. Love Remembered            9:30 5. Enchanted Walk                 6:18 6. Reflection                           9:10
Total Running 50:30
“This album is very personal, it is a collection of individual pieces inspired by a mid-19th century house and garden left abandoned for years. Within a walled section of the ground stands a garden undisturbed yet strangely untainted by time. It is the discovery and awakening of this eden that inspires all of the music on this album. ‘Love Remembered’ is a particular favourite, it oozes nostalgia tinged by a little sadness as those bygone days are pondered upon with an overwhelming sense of warmth and satisfaction.”