Legacy of Light
This debut album by Sorrell boasts over an hour of quality relaxation music, some of which is piano based but also involves much more. The sonic envelope has been stretched to now include some light rhythms on some tracks, to accompany and complement the musical experience. Calm and inspiring throughout, the album paints a satisfying picture in the ethos, captivating the listener in calm reverie. This music is such that it can be used not only for relaxation, but also in the car, at work or just pure listening pleasure.
Track Listing:
1.  Meditation on a Moment   9:18 2.  Starlight                             5:53 3.  Dancing Lillies                   4:49 4.  Tranquil Waters                 6:50 5.  Floating at Peace              6:42 6.  Eternal Grace                    8:33 7.  Crimson Dawn                 12:06 8.  Graceful Lament               7:32 9.  Entrustment                      5:18 10.Time to Escape                 9:36
Total Running:  76:55
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