Peaceful Enchantment
As follow up album to ‘Legacy of Light’, this second Sorrell album again explores new pastures. With its melodic tone and graceful harmony, it encourages the listener to wind down and re-focus. Using choir, string, piano and celtic flute sounds to name but a few, some of the tracks are again accompanied by gentle rhythms, designed to be in step with the natural rhythm of the inner self. Relax, and let the music take you away into a state of ‘Peaceful Enchantment’.
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Track Listing:
1. Solemn Repose                  7:21 2. The Enchanter                    6:32 3. Flight of Fantasy                 7:12 4. Emeralds & Pearls              6:50 5. Celtic Dreaming                  5:19 6. Landscape of the Soul        6:42 7. Awakenings                         6:15 8. Nomadic Pastures              7:30
Total Running: 53:44