Ultimate Collection
This is essentially a compilation album from the New World album releases to date. It combines the very best of previous titles to form an intuitive overview of the many years at New World Music. Originally released for the Dutch and mainland European market, this title is now very much available in the U.K.
Track Listing:
1. Wisdom                       (Faeries and Dreams)    7:49 2. Adoring Moment          (First Love)                     8:19 3. The Waters of Peace   (Bliss)                           10:39 4. Serenade                     (Pure Healing)               2:32 5. Heavens Awake           (Protected by Angels)    6:06 6. Angelic Love                 (Music for Healing)       5:51 7. Romance in C               (Pure Tranquillity)         7:47 8. Crystal Blossoms          (Perfume)                     9:44
Total Running:  58:44