I was born in Birmingham some years back, and started my musical experiences at the age of about six. I started organ lessons and continued for a few years into my early teens with a few tutors. It was while at secondary school that I began to compose a few small pieces of music, I seem to recall that the inspiration was derived from visualising scenes of nature such as a colourful sunset, or a gently flowing stream. At this time in my life I chose to take up the drums, much to the horror of the neighbours. I became reasonably proficient and joined a few bands to exploit this new skill. When I left school I began to take organ lessons once again but this time I was fuelled with more determination. Being unemployed for a while gave me the added opportunity to work hard, I would spend around six hours a day practising the keyboards. I started playing the organ at my local church in 1985, and to this day, I still play there regularly. Soon after this, I started working for Yamaha in one of their music schools and became a Yamaha music school teacher. I went on to teach privately and at a local school, both of which I continue on a part time basis even today. Composing music has always been my passion however, and I started creating some serious relaxing music in response to a friend who was having trouble unwinding at the end of the day and found it difficult to sleep. Within a couple of days, I had completed several tracks, all of which were well received. I went on with more recordings and this became my first production album. It was released under the title of “Images” and I had a limited number produced. They all sold out pretty quickly and soon the recording was taken on by New World Music and re-branded as “Perfume”. At the same time, interest was shown by Pauline Books & Media in Slough and they started taking on some of my susequent albums. Relaxing Music can have such a powerful effect on our everyday lives, especially if we set aside a few moments each day to immerse ourselves in its healing wonders. It is music of this type that particularly fascinates me, since no other has such a beneficial, long lasting impact on us all. It is essential that we all try to assimilate some kind of peaceful medium into our lives on a regular daily basis, even if it is only for some sanity in these modern, hectic and high pressured lifestyles that we have created for ourselves. You don’t have to sit still in peaceful surroundings and enter into a near trance state to appreciate or benefit from this music. Many people have told me that they play my albums whilst reading, working or even while driving to help keep them calm. It all helps.  
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Stephen Rhodes
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