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Compilation Albums
Here are just a selection of the many compilation albums featuring tracks from Stephen Rhodes. Please note that some of these albums may not still be available:
Enchanting Moods is a recent compilation release from G.A.P. Music and features Sorrell and Stephen Rhodes tracks.
Enchanting Moods
Sea of Silence vol.12 is a Sony release and consists of 2 c.d.’s, 28 tracks in all. Released in 2011, this features many varied artists from the world of relaxing music.
Sea of Silence vol. 11 is another Sony release with yet again 28 tracks of relaxing music. Again, released in 2011, this album represents an impressive collection of artists of this genre.
Mind Body and Soul is a 2 c.d.+ dvd set released through Universal Music. It was released in 2008 and for a while featured in the U.K. album charts.
Tranquillity is a specific Marks and Spencer music release. Produced in 1998, this featured artists from the New World Music label including Terry Oldfield, Medwyn Goodall and of course Stephen Rhodes.
‘Winter Tranquillity’ is another M&S compilation following on from ‘Tranquillity’. This was produced in 1999 and again featured artists from the New World label.
Sea of Silence vol.12
Sea of Silence vol.11
Mind, Body and Soul
Winter Tranquillity
This is a best selling New World Music release collated some years ago now but still popular. It includes tracks from Philip Chapman and Anthony Miles.
Music for Relaxation.
This is the slightly modified cover on the Euteria label which is available in continental Europe.
Sounds of spa - Holiday
‘Souns of spa’ is a series of compilation albums releasd by the Australian office of New World Music. In this volume - ‘Holiday’, three of my tracks have been featured. Unfortunately, a few printing errors on the cover still credit one or sometimes two of those tracks to another artist. 
Sea of Silence vol. 13
Sea of Silence vol.13 is another in the series of double c.d. albums including 28 tracks of various assorted artists from around the world. Released in 2014, this album represents a worthy continuation in this highly successful series.
Enchanting Moods 2
Enchanting Moods 2 comes as a follow on album from the original. It features Stephen Rhodes and Sorrell tracks taken from various albums. The compilation also features tracks from other artists of course, and is released from GAP music.
Relaxin’ Moments
This is a compilation album released in 2015 for the European market. It is a double CD and includes a Sorrell track and a couple of Stephen Rhodes tracks mixed in with various other artists.
Relax II
This is a two CD package released especially for the spa market. It is all my own music but more specifically, it is actually two complete albums in one sleeve. Disc one is “The Lost Garden”, and disc two is “Intermezzo”.