Track Listing:
1. The Unfolding Story          6’20 2. Summer In Paradise         5’07 3. Sail Away                          7’24 4. Unexpected Passions       5’15 5. Worlds Apart                     6’30 6. Parallel Plains                   5’10 7. Starlight Dominion            4’58 8. Intermezzo                        8’20 9. Cherished Memories         7’30
Total Playing: 57’30.
Intermezzo is an album which has a more piano based structure. Needless to say, it still includes those lush strings and choir sounds interlaced with various other tone colours. The title track was inspired by recounting many visits to my favourite Greek island where I try to visit every year. Just picturing the tranquil warm landscape, gentle movement of foliage in the breeze, crystalline waters focusing reflected sunlight into a sparkling ripple. All of this gives me the inspiration I need to create this musical landscape. Now every time I listen to the music, it takes me back to my favourite place. This collection was completed in December 2012, and took at least eighteen months to achieve. It represents something quite personal to me, since the sad death of my father in 2012, things haven’t been quite the same on any level. The final track of the album “Cherished Memories” focuses on happier memories of my own childhood with my Father and Family, I still cannot listen to the entire track without shedding a few tears. The album is available to download from all the usual platforms. Physical copies can also be obtained from Glenn Payne at GAP Music, please see ‘contacts’ page.
Ultimate Spar Europe is the title given to this album when it was released in the U.S.A. It consists of the very same recordings and track titles. Only the album title and artwork have been changed for the American market.