The album entitled “Reflection” is actually a compilation of tracks from various other albums that I have written and produced over the years. From the track listing on the back cover, the keen eyed listener will be able to spot which album each track originates from.
This album is available as a download from all the usual platforms and physical copies can be obtained from G.A.P. Music at or follow the link on the contacts page for G.A.P. Music.
                         Track Listing
1.Love Remembered        9.36 2.Sadness                         8.06 3.Cherished Memories      7.36 4.Concerto of Dreams       7.06 5.Reflection                       9.12 6.Celestial Spirits              8.14 7.Worlds Apart                  6.32 8.Enlightenment                7.05 Total Playing: 63.27