Pure Angel Healing
Pure Angel Healing is a new title for 2018. Calm and serene, balanced and composed, this album will calm and rejuvenate the spirit, inspire and elevate the soul. All of my music is about the connection deep within, reaching out to lift the mood of the listener, or to instil inner calm and peace. Inspired by nature and driven by a passion for creativity, with a mix of piano, bell, string and choir sounds the musical landscape is skillfully crafted into an experience of sheer fantasy. Sit back and allow yourself to drift with the flow of this musical creation and you will surely feel lifted and fully relaxed. This album is only currently available as a digital download from New World Music website or most other download platforms. “This album is dedicated to the memory of Pam, my dear partner, my inspiration and light for 26 years who sadly departed this world in October 2016, forever in my heart”
Track listing: 1. Harmony in motion  7’15 2. Tearful moments  8’47 3. Stationary spirits  9’53 4. The pathway of life  6’34 5. Spiritual empathy 8’50 6. New frontiers 5’25 7. Blissful repose 8’31