Music for Healing/ Enchantment.
Waves of soft melodic music spiral around the listener, bathing the senses in delightful ripples of serene relaxation. This is music of utter tranquillity, calmly lapping in mesmerising patterns of hypnotic harmony. Dreamy, pure and infinitely soothing, this music awakens a mood of tranquil contentment. In “Music for Healing” we experience the therapeutic value of music of the right sort on our feelings and everyday stresses. Allow your mind to immerse itself completely in these blissful waters of musical warmth, and just float away in idyllic peace.
“Music for Healing and Enchantment are the same album, the original title was Enchantment and it was distributed by Pauline Books and Media in Slough. This is still my mothers favourite album and she listens to it every night to help wind down.”
Track Listing:
1. Angel of Healing /       Loving I                    3:48 2. Angelic Love /             Loving II                   5:53 3. Divine surrender /       A Victorian Summer                                             Garden                8:43 4. Prayer Garden /          Timeless                  8:37 5. The Peace Giver /       Visions                    8:48 6. The Living Presence / Pam Dawn              7:35 7. Enchanted Sleep /      Enchantment          11:18
(Music For Healing / Enchantment)
Total running:  55:36
“Inspiration for this album came from the exploration of a subject that still deeply inspires me today. Picture an early 19th century country house garden in mid-summer, birds singing, a gentle breeze blowing, a soft focus and a lady walking with a parasole amongst the borders, rich with fragrence and colour. This simple image seems somehow to endlessly supply me with inspiration and ideas.”