The beauty of the eternal feminine spirit, the Goddess of love, is reflected with a calm and tranquil purity. the effect is quite remarkable, a beautifully evocative music, graceful, loving and dreamy, and yet enthused with a joyous and expansive beauty.
Track Listing:
1. The Birth of Venus             8:24 2. The Miracle of Love           8:55 3. Those Angel Eyes              8:10 4. Crystal Waters                   9:30 5. The Magic of Romance     6:25 6. Surrender to the Divine     9:50
Total running:   51:14
“The inspiration behind this album tends to be similar to Music for Healing / Enchantment, as this was intended as a direct follow on from that album. Some other influences managed to creep into certain tracks, and I found myself dedicating certain themes and sections in some of the pieces to certain people that I knew who inspired something in me”.