First Love
With refreshing clarity and purity, Stephen’s melodies cascade down in restful chords of piano and strings. Both calming and soothing, this music nurtures a sublime and blissful sense of well-being as it bathes you in tranquil dreams, effortlessly drifting your cares away in golden slumbers.
Track Titles:
1. Mother of Pearl                    8:53 2. Fairest Child                         9:43 3. Love’s Child                          9:14 4. Cluster of Stars                     8:21 5. Adoring Moment                   8:22 6. Oceans of Love                   11:16
Total running:  56:09
“This album was inspired after a long trip to meet two people very much in love with one another. I really owe the inspiration to that couple after I experienced the strong, genuine closeness of their spirits to each other. The bond that somehow goes beyond the boundaries of our own existence, the true warmth and affectionate spirit that perhaps awakens a yearning in us all.”