Take time to relax in your bath, listening to this beautiful instrumental music of peace and quiet reflection. Renowned keyboard player Stephen Rhodes uses all his skill to create a picture in our minds of a world where dreams ore real and possibilities are without end. We emerge feeling cleansed and relaxed with renewed optimism and strength.
“To enable me to create Bliss, I created a completely new world in my imagination. Skies of pink and rugged, spiky rock formations into the distance. Purple and red sandy soil and the crescent of a ringed planet dominate the sky. I was in an alien world, a total escape from this reality. This place was the epitome of peace and tranquillity, where you could wish for anything and it would be granted. A place of endulgence without its ugly extremes. A place of solitude to enable you to gather your thoughts, focus your mind and spirit into a more optimistic perspective.” 
Track Listing:
1. The waters of peace    10:41 2. Call of the Universe     11:01 3. Distant Cries                  4:43 4. Cloudwalking                 8:40 5. Ascension                      7:08 6. Echoes of Ages            10:48
Total running:  53:01