Pure Healing
The healing quality of this music can be felt within the first few bars. Pure, clear melodies drift from Stephen Rhodes piano and keyboards as the sounds of strings, and flutes provide soothing chords. Inspired by a romantic yearning and touched with soft tints of nostalgia for moments of reverie, Pure Healing is perfect for healers, therapists and your own gentle relaxation. Treat yourself to the gentlest, most beautiful healing musical therapy and emerge relaxed and in tune with yourself.
“Inspiration for this work was to hark back to the ‘Music for Healing’ and ‘Venus’ ideas but allowing my more recent influences to have their effect too. Dedicated to healing, this album, as with all my albums, still provides clear and memorable melodies developed to provide a real musical experience. It utilises a varied mix of instrumentation: piano, harp, flute, strings and more contemporary keyboard sounds, never in conflict but always in harmony with the listener.” “It was voted album of the year by New World customers, became a best seller, and continues to be hugely popular today.”
Track Listing:
1. Voice of Compassion        9:47 2. Tide of Grace                   11:18 3. Serenade                          2:35 4. Horizons                           5:11 5. New Dawn                        9:08 6. Voyage of Fantasy          10:49 7. Yearning                           9:10
Total running:  58:16